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Shining Stars

The Shining Stars are the ones that have gone before you.  They have bravely made the choice you're step into their passion, purpose and fulfilled life.  Julie is honored to have worked with each of these shining stars (and so many others) and will be honored to work with you to Find Your Shine. 

Are you ready to SHINE?

Allison Matthies

"Julie is a complete visionary and her passion for helping others shines through all aspects of her work, whether it's through teaching and training, written content, or in her coaching and mentoring programs. Her authentic style empowers each person to show up as their true self, and she is consistently a champion of bringing out the best in people. The value she brings to this world is unique, and having worked with her closely, I can confidently say that her style and ability to provide truth and light makes her such an asset to the world and every individual she touches." 

- Allison Matthies, Co-Founder of

Everyday Life, LLC

Lorrie Sherman

"I have worked with Julie over the years in regards to business collaboration as well as a sounding board for many business concepts and ideas for our teams.
Her creative mind and skillset allows her to bring the WHOLE package to life. Creatively, she has an eye for detail, lines, white space and design that is unmatched.  One of the many skills of Julie that I admire most, is her ability to think short term and long term effects of a business decision. She can role-play through situations during the creative process and see what needs to be altered.It is always such an honor to work with Julie. She is fully present; giving every new idea her full attention and won’t stop until it reaches the level of excellence.  With her name attached to any business concept, you are in for a treat and something that will up-level your own thoughts and desires for your own project.
Thank you Julie for all that you bring and sharing your talent with the world. Everyone needs a Julie Coughlin in their life." 
- Lorrie Sherman, Business Owner, Fueled, LLC

Jamie Taylor

"Julie is incredible! She has mentored me for three years and largely due to her wisdom, skill set and mentoring, I have been able to build a successful network marketing business from home. Julie is the perfect package truly! Selfless, Genuine and Speaks Truth. Everyone who has the opportunity to be blessed by Julie is extremely fortunate."

- Jamie Taylor, Co-Founder Happy Healthy Fit Lifestyle Brand and Empowerment Coach

Gretchen Heinen

"Working with Julie has helped me to believe that I am worthy and capable of anything my heart desires. She has the perfect balance of encouraging you to change while also allowing you the space to step into that with confidence that you can and will achieve it. I absolutely believe that anybody fortunate enough to work with her will change and grow in massive ways"

- Gretchen Heinen, Founder of Find Your Fit and; Host of the Net Worth It Podcast

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