Hi. I'm Julie.


I am a...Hope Giver, Serial Dreamer, People-Loving, Mama, Friend to Many, Cheerleader to All, Believer, Lifestyle Entrepreneur. 

Some might know me as a...Successful Network Marketer, Business Coach, Co-host of the Sisters in Shine Podcast or Speaker. 

But what I really want you to know about me is I haven't always lived in a place of alignment, purpose and clarity.  (Truth bomb...no one has!) I am a recovering people pleaser and corporate america ladder climber.  I am the girl who "tried" to do it all right and in the process lost herself.

I rocked the high honor roll,  received my college degree (exactly on schedule), got a great job out of college, I spent many years living cubicle life (and then management office life),  married the most amazing man, was blessed with two incredible kids, had a great career, no balance, a wonderful home (and mortgage), debt up to our eyeballs and amazing daycare providers taking care of my kids for more hours of the day than we were.  

Sound pretty idyllic, right? 

From the outside, looking in everything was GREAT...and yet, I didn't FEEL great.  All of that and I found myself  wondering if this was all life was meant for, layered in with oh my gosh, why can't I just be grateful for what I have?  So in the midst of the rat race, something inside me kept tugging at me, telling me it didn't have to be this way. 

I know you can relate.  I had done it all "right" and yet I found myself empty, tired, overweight and completely lacking purpose.   Ufftda that's hard to admit.   

My pursuit of a "checklist" life gave me experience, success, failure and a massive light bulb moment that only I could control my future.  

They say the comeback only happens after the setback.  For me, it was the first honest observation by someone who loved me (shout out to my Mom), enough to tell me something had to change.  All that ladder climbing, people pleasing had taken it's toll.

I am not an overnight success story but I always had a vision and dream of how I could leave a big impact on this world.  Equipped with that vision, a work ethic and a side hustle schedule I set out for it.  And now I get to show you how I did it.

Maybe you need someone in your life to give you that same permission my Mom did to me.  Something has to change (and you already know it).

Maybe you have a dream, an idea and you're looking for someone to give you the tools and encouragement to do it?

Maybe you have the gut instinct there is something more but you don't know where to start?

Maybe you're wondering how you can step into your calling and living a more purposeful life?

Maybe you already have a business and you're boldly ready to take it to the next level? 

Maybe you wish you could meet a Network Marketer who you could align with?

I believe all you need is already within you.  Sometimes we just need reminded that our light was meant to shine.

My passion is to truly see you, listen to you and know YOU.  My experiences, tools and teachings will provide you useful ways to improve your life physically, emotionally, financially, and perhaps, even spiritually.

When your mind, body and spirit are in alignment your world will start to be a happier place to be!  You see my LIFE didn't need to change all that much (marriage, kids, house, friends)...I needed to change.  

I love to help people shine and pass their light onto others.  Are you ready to shine?


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